Monday, 14 January 2019

Winter wonderland, again

I know I'm living in a wonderland. For now it's winter wonderland, it's been snowing for a week now.
We've had some cold days/nights (-15 has been lowest, so not so cold after all).
We still don't have much sun, yesterday we had an hour or so, before clouds came back.

The sun is somewhere left in this picture. 11am.

'Suma wondering why I have stopped. She's ususally off the leash when we are on the fields or in forest. she doesn't wander far. All tracks are deers', hares' and foxes', only those tyre tracks are made by humans.

Car tracks we used as our walking path were made by local farmer who had shot a deer a day before (his field), shooting cabin on the left. Our house is next, half hidden behind trees, that big building in the middle of the picture is our neighbours derelict barn, his house (no-one lives there) right next to it.
Another bad picture of a black dog. We were hunting for a Christmas tree just before Christmas.
It's snowing atm, and by thursday we'll be having a snowstorm. I guess I'll work at home at thursday then. Chimney sweeper will be coming on thursday, too, so it's better I'm at home to let him in and make sure he doesn't spread soot all over the house.

Monday, 7 January 2019


I'm enjoying my first week of working two days a week at home, opened computer at six o'clock and read all emails and notifications. Yesterday I was at the office, we had a two-hour training of our new systems (I almost got to turning a heel on my new sock) and then I had a couple of meetings with collegues - mostly just updating how was Christmas.
Now at home, I'm waiting at least some light to appear outside so I can take 'Sumawalk. It's snowing quite heavily at tho moment, and I suppose it will continue during the day. It's almost half past eight and still dark! Oh well, days have become longer for three weeks - ha! Shortest day was just 5hrs32min, and now we have 6hrs1min day. Sun should be up by 9.30. I quess I won't be seeing sun today, because now I can hardly make the shape of my greenhouse 20m away.

Cats are hibernating, I throw them out in the morning and after 45 mins they are queueing  by the front door to get in. They eat, sleep and in the evening I'll do the same, they are out about 30 mins and then Pretty Boy is howling behing our back door. In the mornings it's the front door, in the evenings it's the back door.

Snow mutes sounds outside, all I can hear is tanks growling in (not so far) distance, the low noice travels through the ground, not through the air.

Outside world had gotten blue by now, so I will take my sleepy puppy to walk in the woods, clean the car of snow (and ice, of course) and pack it with recycling stuff (plastic, metals, cardboard) - can't get it's doors open without brushing the snow away. When I'm back indoors, 'Suma will happily sleep until noon and I'm starving. Lunch, short walk outside and back to work, and then kids are back home and I'll start making dinner before I force one of the kids with me to take a longer walk with 'Suma. Dinner (and a show, cats ot 'Suma will take care of it) and then off the bed. That's how my days go by.

It was Christmas and a New Year, too

Os is a year older once more, I bought pizza for dinner for him (it's his favourite, he likes my pizza, too, but this specific pizza is his fav) and baked a cake for him. Or rather the cake, it's the same I bake for every occasion: sandwich cake filled with strawberry+lingonberry puree and vanilla cream (with cream cheese of turkish youghurt or something a bit sour to cut extra sweetness, covered in sort of  dulce de leche (equal amounts of brown sugar and cream boiled until a drop keeps it's shape dropped in cold water), and sides covered in whipped cream.

Christmas was a lot of food (ham, casseroles, nibbles, chocolates) as was new year's eve. A lot of fireworks and sparkling wine. Two (three) batches of Rocky road and mud cakes.

Frost, snow, some rain, many walks and many films and episodes of tv-series. A lot of burned firewood in log burners. Only one pair of knitted socks (for sys who didn't get pair for christmas present, because he got one for his bday) but I started a pair for me! and I also knitted a new hat for me ('Suma might have eaten my previous one, don't know for sure because can't find any remains). Then I finished beret I promised to make to my friend (black yarn - I waited for a sunny day but never happened). Some mulled wine, ginger breads and sushi.
Last evening I knitted a pot holder (because 'Suma...), I need to wash it so it shrinks, if measurements were right I'll knit another one later.

Back to work, back to school. Sys messaged me he should have have his skates with him. Nope, forgot. School have some spares. So it's winter sports again - that time of the school year I hate.
Our neighbourg like winter sports, though. Last night's last 'Suma walk and I saw a light going around and around in a field. Yep, our neighbourg was skiing at 10 pm with a head lamp!

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Still hurts

Today is not any anniversary.
It was school's Christmas festivities, which are nice and funny, there is always an elf play and played nativity scene.
I was already leaving, when I walke past one villager, now a proud mom of eight. She had six children and now her little elves are (born premature) home, just in time for Christmas.

I never had Christmas with my two.

My soul is broken and my heart hurts just as much as it did so long ago.

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

226 g

That's the weight of brothers's and F's socks. I managed to knit F'S socks from the yarn that was saved from 'Suma's teeths, few more ends than I would have liked.
I was taking care of all the loose ends while cooking red wine. I boiled it from 6dl (almost whole bottle) to maybe a cup? Whole house reeks of red wine and I feel queasy -  I can't drink red wine without getting greally really sick (and that's from few sips). Some time ago I realized I can't drink glögg (alcohol free version) if it's made from juice of red grapes. Even the smell gets me - but it really smells delicious.
I got a bottle of nice red wine from old man's sister, it is intended as tannin primer for my experiments (I have made wood stain from acetic acid soaked rebar bars, pine and spruce needs tannin priming, oak should colour without it). I have still few dls left and I'll try that soon.
But I was actually reducing wine because I was making red wine salt for Christmas hampers! I have been thinking making hampers ready, but thinking doesn't do things.
So far I have: spruce salt, red wine salt, socks, mulled wine, strawberry liquor, choclate, jaffa cakes and stearine soaked pine cones for kindling. I still need the actual hamper (box or something) and a card.

Sorry for rambling - I actually boiled red wine to syrup and it may have had some effect on me.

Monday, 10 December 2018

Tell me why I don't like Mondays...

I'm just like Garfield - I don't like Mondays. There's always something off, especially in the mornings.
'Suma had to go for a pee at 3.30 am. Raining. Pitch dark. Puddles and no wellies. Back to bed, sleep avoids me. Finally fell asleep only to be rudely woken by alarm at 6 o'clock. Well, 'Suma had no need to go outside, at least there's that.
Yongest ones didin't wake up first time I tried to rouse them from their slumber. Then they didn't have that sweet peaceful morning they usually have. Not funny.
They had forgot to get their clothes ready, so by the time I was supposed to have my cuppa I was searching for a clean hoodie...
Off we went to the taxi, and I forgot to take my phone with me, I only had my work phone which has a very poor signal.Wouldn't be a problem unless I was trying to test sys's new phone. Turns out in the mobile phone shop, while installing new sim to sys's phone, they had actually used ys's info and now sys has a phone with ys's number and ys's phone doesn't work at all. I didn't realize that during the weekend, because we don't have mobile signal at home (not at all) so I was half a mile away from home when I was able to try to call any of the phones... And it was raining and it was still pitch dark. And puddles.

Got to office ant tried to sort things out - only to realize I had left my wallet home so I can't make my grocery shopping on my way home.
At least I had my lunch with me so I can eat.

So, I have to rush back home to pick my wallet and collect kids and their phones and rush back to town to the shop and hope they have right sims for both boys' phones (but I have promised a 21€ compensation). And then drag both boys to buy some food (or milk and cocoa powder we ran out during the weekend).

And it's not even 11 am yet.

Friday, 7 December 2018

On the go

Finished sys's socks and got sidetracked with my brother's socks, so ys's socks has to wait. So short attention span... Then 'Suma got jealous and ate the yarn intended for F's socks. Some uncivilized language ensued. She could've eaten yarn with reflective thread - that would've be funny when piles of dog poop would have shone brightly in torch light or car headlights...

We got snow and then we got rain. Normal things. Luckily I was visiting lumber sites when it was only freezing with wind, I still do prefer that to horizontal rain. Only few sites to visit before Christmas! Only to start again in January. And then I have our own forest and old man's disaster zone.

Kittens had their vet visit this week, and for the first time took Pretty Boy with me too. He needed rabies vaccination - I had no idea how he behaves in a car and even less idea how he copes in vets. Sister came to rescue - two crates and three cats exceeds my limits. And then on the next day we took her cat to vets, she didn't want to use their normal vet because she doesn't speak Polish.

D and ys needed new winter coats (surprise! Kids DO grow during the summer!) so I packed 3/4 of my home brood and off we went to nearest shopping hell. Two coats, an elf (for sys who didn't get new coat) one pair of trousers and two huge Toblerone bars. And then we ate sushi! I took the brood to sushi buffet, and oh my how happy ys was! He was literally beaming! I'm not intending to make this as a habit, but to honest it was worth every cent to see him so joyful.

Yes. My children have such a pathetic childhood that even a visit to a sushi restaurant makes them happy.
But that visit also gave me some ideas for ys's gifts, so it was not wasted time at all.

Snowy ground has helped with Suma's walks. She doesn't have to be washed after a walk and we don't need torch to see where the road is. I even manage field walks now without torch - it so much easier if I have only Suma's leach to hold.

I have noticed the tornado has had an effect to our surroundings. We have a military practising/shooting area right next to us (so close we are blurred in Google Maps!) and noise is much noticeable now. There was a pause on their training and shooting while wrecked forests were cleared out and now they have only few weeks left to spend all their money/ammunion for this year... I know after a while we won't be noticing anything anymore, we will get used to it.

Next year I will be working two days a week at home instead of one.  It means more 'Suma walks in the mornings, and maybe more home made meals instead of frozen ships and fish fingers...

But now - it's 3:30 pm and nearly dark outside. I have to go get some firewood, I ahve been feeding my small woodburner while I have been working. Now my work (for today) is done and I should start my house works, laundry, dinner... No cleaning today, because we had visitors yesterday and house got cleaned for them.