Monday, 7 January 2019


I'm enjoying my first week of working two days a week at home, opened computer at six o'clock and read all emails and notifications. Yesterday I was at the office, we had a two-hour training of our new systems (I almost got to turning a heel on my new sock) and then I had a couple of meetings with collegues - mostly just updating how was Christmas.
Now at home, I'm waiting at least some light to appear outside so I can take 'Sumawalk. It's snowing quite heavily at tho moment, and I suppose it will continue during the day. It's almost half past eight and still dark! Oh well, days have become longer for three weeks - ha! Shortest day was just 5hrs32min, and now we have 6hrs1min day. Sun should be up by 9.30. I quess I won't be seeing sun today, because now I can hardly make the shape of my greenhouse 20m away.

Cats are hibernating, I throw them out in the morning and after 45 mins they are queueing  by the front door to get in. They eat, sleep and in the evening I'll do the same, they are out about 30 mins and then Pretty Boy is howling behing our back door. In the mornings it's the front door, in the evenings it's the back door.

Snow mutes sounds outside, all I can hear is tanks growling in (not so far) distance, the low noice travels through the ground, not through the air.

Outside world had gotten blue by now, so I will take my sleepy puppy to walk in the woods, clean the car of snow (and ice, of course) and pack it with recycling stuff (plastic, metals, cardboard) - can't get it's doors open without brushing the snow away. When I'm back indoors, 'Suma will happily sleep until noon and I'm starving. Lunch, short walk outside and back to work, and then kids are back home and I'll start making dinner before I force one of the kids with me to take a longer walk with 'Suma. Dinner (and a show, cats ot 'Suma will take care of it) and then off the bed. That's how my days go by.


  1. I hope you haven't been caught up in the freezing weather that seems to be causing havoc for so many countries; I get the feeling you're well prepared for the onset of deep winter. I deeply admire your work ethic - at the computer by 6 o'clock especially when it's dark and cold is something I couldn't manage. I think I'm doing extraordinarily well to stagger out of bed by 8 and then it takes me at least an hour to come to full wakefulness. Does Suma relish the snow? We've had several dogs who're completely indifferent to it and several who give the 'Do you really think I'm going out in that?' look when the white stuff is falling. Thankfully in the UK we don't get that much of it so it's never that much of a problem, although my village does get cut off every three or four years. I'm really glad I found your blog.

    1. Thank you Fifitr. I really don't like to get up so early, but this way I can do my own things during the days, like taking *Suma to walks. 'Suma loves snow, all of our dogs have loved it. It's the cold weather they don't like, so when it's below -20 celsius I don't have to get far from the house. But rain - 'Suma really does not like watery weather, then she looks at me saying 'You go by yourself!'.
      We do have severe winters once in a decade or so, but we never actually get so much snow that we can't get going around. Heavy snowing here means 15-20cm of snow, not like 1-2meters like in the Alps. It can be handled in a matter of hours.